Friday, September 16, 2011

Saying good-bye to summer...

 I know it's so hard to say good-bye to yesterday. I'm pretty sure someone sang a song about that. But, now that my boys have all started school, I am getting the opportunity to reflect on what a really good time we had this summer.  We took some great trips, bummed around, had some birthday parties, and just hung out at home, all the while enjoying and loving on each other.  

The day after school ended we headed to Destin, FL for some beach fun.  Check out our first little photo shoot:

The boys tried crab claws for the first time
(mom's fave)...

Don't let the faces fool you, they loved them too.  And then we went to a fun kid's party and got our faces painted, made some roll tide bracelets, and painted some cheesy love pictures.  Yeah, that was a weird night:

Early the next morning, while our sleepy heads snoozed, Blake and I ran our first 5k.  

And came in 7th and 8th place!

Some birthday memories made:

We had some haircut fun:

And then, of course, there was Memphis:

Then we went rafting the Hiawasee and hung out with our Amish friends in Tennessee (they aren't fond of pictures, tho, so I try to be respectful):

Hanging around the house...

Okay.  This next set of photos may be a little strange for some.  In the south (or it may be a small town thing), we have something called "decoration".  The Bible says to "visit the house of the dead often."  It helps one remember and reflect.  This year we went to the Decoration in Damaskas, which is the church my family started long ago in their small community north of me about 30 minutes.  It was so good for my boys to touch the past and visit with distant family, some of which they had never met.  Elijah, my oldest, is such an old soul and so sentimental, it was really meaningful for him.

My sweet grandmother was so proud to show my boys around

My wonderful stepmom, Paula with hubby, Blake.

My uncles grave, David Alan Huffman.  We love and miss you.

My Meemaw showing Zion where she will one day be placed.

My great grandmother, Boren

The boys were especially fascinated with the stories of the children who didn't survive.

I'm related to all these people some how or another.

My great aunt, Nita and my dad

It was a beautiful windy summer day.

Extremely productive day for my husband, who is a celebrated and excited member of

My dad and another great aunt, Marlene.  Lots of sisters in that family.

Me and my dad, a little windblown

My dad with my great Uncle Hobert and Aunt Geraldine.

Many a good meal served from this table I'm sure.  Old southern ladies sure know how to cook.

This year's FAther's Day was my favorite ever!  I went fishing with my dad and stepmom.  We went a little too late and only caught 3 brim, but it was still a beautiful day to be on the lake...

<3 You Dad!

loved that duck.  just chillin.

He fell asleep, of course.

Then there were just the lazy days lounging by Granna's pool, waking up late, building some forts, losing some teeth, shooting some guns, eating some good food, catching some fish, and just being family.  Sometimes the regular times are the best:

That's the moon.  In the water.

That's the moon.  In the sky.

Arni's a pretty good shot!  

I remember my dad teaching me about this age.  Good times in Alabama Red Clay.

Serious business.  Bright sun.

Now that school's back in, it's nice.  It's good for us to be back in a routine.  Structure is a good thing.  But this summer has to have been one of the best ever.  These are the things we'll remember.  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great weekend!

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