Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hurray for U-Verse

Back in July, I switched my satellite carrier to Dish network. This wasn't all bad, after all it was my first experience with DVR, which has revolutionized my entertainment experience! The one thing I lost though, was my beloved Fine Living Network and Style Network, and with them, my 3 favorite designers: Sarah Richardson, Debbie Travis, and Thom Felicia.
In January, our carrier was, again, changed to ATT U-Verse, which I have not necessarily gotten used to yet, but I can't even tell you how excited I am to be able to view my design icons. Here's some of their best work:
Sarah Richardson:
Amazing Cottage Kitchen

Kids Den from HGTV House

Ocean View Estate

Hyatt Regency Park Hotel Room

Here's the thing I love about Mrs. Richardson. I don't necessarily think every room she does would be for me. There are always one or two things I would change, but I love her attention to evey detail, her ability to make things functional and beautiful, her budget-friendliness, and ability to make things meaningful to the homeowner. Plus, there just something about that Canadian accent and her down-to-earth personality that is so relatable.

Debbie Travis:

Here's the thing I love about Mrs. Travis. First of all, I am always entertained. She has a sense of humor, and openness (often times on camera with rollers in her hair) that comes through as being so down-to-earth. She just feels like she could be my halarious aunt or something. Her designs are most of the time too risky for my own house. She cares nothing about re-sale value, and pushes the envelope a little much in a bold modern direction that I would get so tired of in my own home, but I almost always learn a new painting technique, and I so admire her use of architectural elements.

Thom Filicia:

Thom Filicia is the creme de la creme of the design world. He is young and edgy, but wins competitions against the famous old guys all the time (did anyone see Cinema Design Showcase?). First of all, design is a science to him. On his show, Dress My Nest, he not only comes up with these intricate, amazing ideas for layouts, textures, fabric, whatever, he does it by using inspiration from the homeowners favorite outfit! Amazing to see the science in that. And...he some how comes up with these glamorous rooms you could stay in forever, but somehow keeps budget in mind. Hands down, Thoms got it all, and would be the one I would call for my own home!

Here's my favorites from Thom's portfolio:

From his showcase home on Cinema Sryle. Inspired by the movie The Big Chill

From Domino:

From Vogue:

More Thom: