Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lauren's Irish Cottage

The home of Lauren Sheehan is one decorating job that I have had the complete privilege to have landed.  Her attitude and trustworthiness in her home have made it the most fun, and getting to know her as a new and wonderful friend has been a rare blessing.  I mean it when I say, it has been my favorite job to date.  
We started in the summer of 2011 as she was in the process of purchasing her first home.  She was my oldest son's teacher, and I really got to know her that way.  Uh, did I mention she is a gift?  Yep.  Anyway, she had followed my blog and asked me to come on board as her...well, what would soon become known as...*HoMe ArTiSt*!  Score!!
We had a blast diagnosing her style over the next few weeks and coming up with what would make her home somewhere she can feel completely relaxed, comfortable, and well, complete.  The place she most wants to be.  
She loved most all cottage styles, had traveled to her family's homeland of Ireland many times, had some great heirloom antiques, and pieces of original art from many friends and talented family members.  She favored neutral rooms with texture and pops of color.  So emerges: Lauren's Irish Cottage.

We started on the Living Room because it was the main space, and the front yard had some drainage issues, so we had to address those too.  We were working on both at the same time as weather would permit.   Outside, we installed and french drain, rock walk and patio area, and front trellis, and landscaping.


A little sketch of a plan:

And After:

We had quite a bit of work to do in the living room.


Thank you for loving me through this, Lauren.


A sneak peek of the dining room before left nothing to see but 4 chocolate brown walls.
We loved the color of the walls in there, but it needed some staging for sure...

The kitchen and breakfast nook are starting to come together with the addition of some wallpaper/stenciling on the wall and beautiful custom curtains made by another beloved Westminster mom, Laura Gorley!

Here was a little bit of the process:

A simple shot of the breakfast nook

A few other major features:

The Faux Rock Wall

reinventing 2 craigslist finds:
matching dressers

She was sweet to take this picture of me, I think.  ;)

So, as you can see, we are about mid-way through the project.  There are several other rooms in the house to go, but for now, I hope you enjoy the progress.
Thanks for stopping in!!  and, stay tuned for me for Lauren's Irish Cottage.

We are still 

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MLS said...

It amazes me every time I see the "before" pictures. You have captured my personality and style with perfection!!!