Monday, August 31, 2009

My (messy) House Monday

The first Saturday of every month is cleaning day. My bathroom always starts out looking great, but by the time the next Saturday rolls around, I have always unwound the cords and just left them unwound. Piles of I don't know what has collected in my extra bathroom sink. (Um I think the ever popular dounble sink master bathroom idea is great in concept, but you really need is the extra counter space. Who's with me?), drawers stay pulled out because I apparently can't close it once I start dragging my 'getting ready' items out. Ugh! This bathroom is a hot mess! But, never fear, it has been on my clean out list, and this week it is definately up to bat! Hope to tell you all about it very soon.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Young House Roadtrip featuring BIRMINGHAM!

First of all, John and Sherry from Young House Love (formerly This Youg House, which I personally liked better, but some big bad company policy had to come between me and that) is one of my favorite links. These guys just make me smile. Plus, they know what they are doing and they are growing to be everywhere. I opened my BHG DIY this month, and yet again, there they were. Their house is super cool, they are amazingly creative, and are also video editing genieii. Check out their summer road trip:

Young House Love: Dallas Road Trip from John & Sherry Petersik on Vimeo.

By the way, the Bham Vulcan thing...yeah, thats my town!! Plus, they were staying uber close to my house and I didn't even know it!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More on wallpaper...

Sliding it to us from BHG, check out these beautiful papers!!

Lace Floral Silhouette (SP146613) from the Shadowplay Collection by Seabrook Designer Series,
Tropical Leaves (SP146674) from the Shadowplay Collection by Seabrook Designer Series,

Salvia Silhouette (SP146694) from the Shadowplay Collection by Seabrook Designer Series,

Fern & Allium (SP146633) from the Shadowplay Collection by Seabrook Designer Series,

Scrolling Ironwork (SP146724) from the Shadowplay Collection by Seabrook Designer Series,

(48303) from the Chatham House collection by Beacon House,

Parisian Damask from Texture Resource Volume 2 by Thibaut,

Leaf Scroll (WE70805) from the Jazz Collection by Printers Guild Productions,

Regal Floral (VL148192) from the Expressions Collection by Albert Van Luit & Co.,

Driscoll Damask (VL148111) from the Expressions Collection by Albert Van Luit & Co.,

Natural Grass (EH60202) from the Eco Chic Collection by Sandpiper Studios,

Orissa from the Cypress Collection by Thibaut,

Starlight from the Chelsea Collection by Thibaut,

Egg Wisk (MS71805) from the Casa Collection by Sandpiper Studios,

Damask Motif (MS71409) from the Casa Collection by Sandpiper Studios,

Spot Damask on Travertine (MS70800) from the Casa Collection by Sandpiper Studios,

Stripe (SH81509) from the Southampton Collection by Sandpiper Studios,

Eglatine (AT10023) from the Glamour Collection by Anna French,

Mizoram from the Cypress Collection by Thibaut,

Large Quatrefoil Trellis (SH80117) from the Southampton Collection by Sandpiper Studios,

Wallpaper ideas for Ben Grizzle

This blog (and the next) is specifically dedicated to my friend, Ben Grizzle, who needs a wallpaper education. :) Sorry, Ben, had to pick on you. Jamie, me, and all the good wives out there who just love all things beautiful, need our hubbys to get on board. :)

Actually, the BHG Do It Yourself this month features a great article on this subject. Christina Coop's apartment in San Francisco is featured because of her wonderful wallpapering ideas. Christina distributes for Ferm Living, a Danish wallpapering company, and swears that

1. wallpaper is super-hip as of about 5 years ago
2. wallpaper is much easier to hang and remove than it used to be
3. wallpaper should never be looked at as too permanent, only a perfect way to reinvent a living space.

Wallpapering 101
1. Buy Clear premixed wallpaper adhesive
2. Resist the urge to overpaste. A thin layer is best.
3. Snug seams tightly together, but do not overlap. Getting the seam right is the key to a professional looking job.
4. Use a sharp, sharp, sharp craft knife to cut the paper and change the blade often so you get a crisp cut.
5. Make sure the paper is dry before you cut to avoid tearing.
6. Save your scraps. Cover a tray, table, put in frames, etc.

Other Tips:
*Just feature wallpaper on one wall of a room, or never cover all 4 walls. This prevents pattern overload. View it as artwork.
*Paint the adjoining walls before you paper. That way you don't paint your paper. obviously.
*Pull the paint color for your adjoining walls from your paper when you want a seamless transition. You would use a contrasting color to pull your eye to the accent wall.
*Prime furniture before papering, so it sticks better.
*Don't forget that you can paper ceilings, closets, drawers, lampshades, on and on.

So, there you are Jamie, some ammo for you, and some ammo for you. some ammo for you, and some ammo for you... ;);)

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, August 24, 2009

My Messy House Monday

I was thinking about it the other night and looking around the house, and I realized...I only take pictures around here when things are all straight and tidy. But, I am a girl about authenticity, so here's the real deal... I have 3 boys, a very untidy hubby, and I myself just get tired of putting everything away all the time, so you can imagine how things get. I have some photos of my house au natural prepared for 'My Messy House Monday' to demonstrate that sometimes it's the little imperfections that make a house a real home.

Picture 1: This is my back sunroom door. It's been raining so much lately, that my outdoor cushions just right there along with my dirty flip flops. That chewed place is thanks to my beastly yorkie dog, Solly. It's been, I don't know, like 2 years, and I still haven't sanded and painted. And then if you look close enough, you can see the little fingerprints and child marks constantly smudged on the glass. See. It's the little memories left all around.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Inspired by Nicole

This blog is about inspiration, and there are so many things in the world that inspire! This past weekend, my class of 1999 from Cullman, celebrated our 10 year class reunion. While it was so good to see everyone, smile, laugh, stay out late (winks), and remember, it was especially inspirational to learn that there are people who have been through some tough times.
We arrived Friday night at the Windbrook Barn to learn that a guy named Daniel Montgomery has a very difficult battle with liver cancer. Daniel and I shared the position of class musician our senior year. He was an awesome musician and martial artist among other things, and his challenge was THE representation of strength and inspiration for Friday night.
Saturday night, it was so good to see one of my oldest friends, David Heptinstall, and his precious wife, Nicole. I have known David since 1st grade, and we are definitely two kindred spirits. We share similar outlooks on life, positivity, and appreciation for people and where we come from. I didn't know it while playing at his house in the first grade, but David's mom would take over the job of cheer leading coach and become one of the most influential people in my life. High school cheer leading was always fun, but when Donna took over the job as a new teacher and coach, she looked to her captains and upperclassmen and gave us responsibilities and privileges that we might not have normally received, and that taught us so much. Donna taught us through her authenticity, her work ethic, her absolute love for us and our school, her tears, her strength, her celebration, her energy, the list goes on and on.
It is so fitting that David would marry someone just like 'Mom'. Nicole was very young when she found out she had breast cancer, and began to fight. Through sad smiles, David and Nicole shared their inspirational story with Blake and me. I just wanted to say that you guys have touched my heart and inspired me, and my prayers are all around you two and your current and future family. Looking so forward to getting together soon!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Artist - Delphine Groult

Meet Delphine Groult - a 'Haute Couture' artist whose medium is furniture, a girl after my own heart, and who is quite talented. Plus, who doesn't love the flag of GB. Check out her work:


Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

For Elijah

All of these great photos are from a sweet blog I found called Don't Forget to Fly. These, today, are dedicated to my biggest boy as he starts his first day of school. I love you, Elijah, and I will be praying for you all morning.

Lighting Update

Since I never updated on the lighting replacements in my house, here they are. I looked at some unique ideas, but in the end, I guess you have to go with what you have time for and what comes available to you. I am pleased.

1. My dining room light was a hot glam mess. Crystals, crystals everywhere, but clad in flimzy, shiny brass. A good coat of brown spray paint can work wonders. And dimmer switches are awesome, by the way. Our recess lighting fills every corner with brightness when we need it as well.

2. This fixture was in my breakfast nook and was doing nothing for the space. I moved it over into my kitchen for a special touch, and stole some crystals from my other chandelier, and it's just right. This kitchen is minus a dingy old florescent box and also now has recessed lighting for added function.

3. I am most thrilled with this $40 thrift buy for my breakfast nook. It needed nothing but a little wiring and one of those white candle things (the proper name escapes me), and it's ready to go. It's big and bright and exciting for it there and I look forward to doing lots of homework with my 7 year old thanks to its light.