Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Girl Behind This Blog...

I'm a southern girl from Small Town, ALabama.   I'm mostly country, and would rather be sitting on a horse than just about anywhere else in the world.  Growing up, I had big city dreams of singing on Broadway.  I still sometimes think I might could live in the big apple for a few months before it swallowed me whole.  Right now I find myself living in the suburbs of Alabama's largest city, and although I feel a little out of place here, it is a great time for me to be learning about life, and how it's not all about me...

But, in my heart, this is how I picture me:
Gaiting down a field on the back of a Tennessee Walker, singing a song, and dreaming about painting the world a more beautiful place. 

I'm a mom to boys, so life is about raising  3 southern gentlemen who will give me beautiful grand-babies one day, and have a little fun in the mean time.  We love hiking, rafting, hard work around the house, shooting guns, riding 4-wheelers, singing and playing guitar and piano, fishing, hunting, hanging out with friends, watching football, playing football, traveling and learning...

I love the countryside of Europe.  I love my own America.  I.  love.  my.  state.  And all it's seasons.  I love history and hard work, tradition, and eloquence.  I love the rules, and I love throwing them out.  I love all things architectural.  I love paints and patinas and distresses and antiques.  New and old.  Every day is a good time to fall in love with something. 

Vices: I'm quite fond of food.  Pretty much all of it.  Apples and pears, cheeses, and grapes, squash, okra, beans, and greens, soups, salads, appetizers, and desserts, fancy and gourmet or simple and southern.  You name it, I'll try it.
 I'm quite fond of drink...coffee, wine and whiskey.  Not particularly in that order.  

To support my habits, I run, walk, jump, and dance.  
I work hard.  I rise early and I go to bed late.   

I craft.  I paint.  I decorate.  I knit.  I wash.  I clean.  I organize.  I build.  I snap.  I plan.  I dream.  I create.  
And sometimes people even pay me to do it.

I feel.  My way.  Through life.  

Okay.  Although it may not be very popular, here goes: I love my husband.  Actually, I really don't talk about it much because I feel bad that most people don't get to be this disgustingly happy in marriage.  The guy I married 11 years ago is a really cool guy.  And, I am quite fond of him still.

A little crazy, but it's nice.  The thing about feeling your way through life and living with your heart on your sleeve is that it gets a little dysfunctional sometimes.  I have nervous break-downs, and say things I don't mean, but I still love...

My people.  My family.  My friends.  
They are the greatest group of crazies I can imagine.  
And, while I can think of a handful of things at any given time that I would change about life, you are never one of them...

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