Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy belated 4th birthday to my BLOG!

Do I blog too much?
I'm not sure,  but I do love sifting through memories and photos and sharing them with the world.  I have no idea why.  
I am 4 posts shy of 300 blog posts.  I started  September 17, 2007.  So, Sunday was my online journal's 4th birthday!!  It has continually evolved...the name, the purpose, even little ole me.  It's kinda neat to see how everyone has grown up.  

To commemorate and pay tribute to my country-girl roots, I found some of my favorite photos from junking, my old home town, and more.  Happy Belated, Blog!

this was one of my favorite ever junk days

a drive-by shooting of a farm where my family is from

i love this house in small town USA...Hanceville, AL, where my family is from

A beloved junked up farm house I would love to get my hands on for more photos.  

The old train depot and downtown Hanceville, AL.  
So many stories from my childhood:

Some drive-by's from 31 in Blount Springs.  My favorite drive in the world:

Always thought this house was haunted.  And I still do.

Garden City, AL...Somewhere between here and there

Sometimes wish I could hop on top of that train and feel the wind blow for just a bit...

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