Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dreaming of Wide Open Spaces...

Friday, while driving through the country, I passed this beautiful plot of land with a for sale sign at the dirt driveway.  As I passed, I thought for a few seconds, and then found the safest place to whip the wheel back around and go check it out.  

There's something you should know about me.  At the start of every season, as soon as I feel the slightest change of temperature in the air, my dreams go wild.  At the start of every summer, I dream dreams from my childhood of hopping in the Jeep and heading to the lake, spending early mornings fishing and hot afternoons boating, getting all crispy brown from the sun and jumping in the water to cool off.
At the start of every fall, I dream back to a few years back when I would spend every weekend breaking horses and riding in Bankhead forest with my cousin from Jones' Chapel.  Except, there's always a level of heartache when you have to jump back in the car and leave that beautiful animal, knowing he's not really yours.  
I dream dreams of 4wheeling in a wide open field, playing in the mud, and of course, again like summer, fishing an old overstocked catfish pond out in the middle of nowhere.  These are just a few examples of the beauty of fall for a country girl in Alabama.

So, when I passed this beautiful farm, I had to go back and take a look:

Of course, when I got home, I looked it up on Realtor.  The good news was the price was GREAT, but the bad news was only about 2 sad acres went with the house.

But, my wistful dreams didn't stop.  I had already text hubby earlier that day about the land I had been driving past, and asked who I had to sleep with to buy one of these fields?  His sweet response was, "Me. For about 25 years."
So, while I'm 11 down...14 to go, I hope at age 44, I will still be able to enjoy it as much as I would now.  Ah, patient dreams.  The life of all women.  

So, I know it's not healthy, but here's some kerosene for that fire:  

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