Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Antiquing at Scott's

Sunday was an excellent day spent with my cousins, the Langston's, in The Big ATL!!
They took me to Scott's Antique Market, and it may very well be my new favorite place.   Although, it is not unlike me to fall in love with something every day, you will agree that there was plenty to love at this show!  Check out the finds:

Could I be more in love with white pumpkins?

I was so enamored with that painted vanity that I am now noticing that I forgot to notice that marvelous Rococo frame.  Darn!

I could plan a whole house around this settee!!

Tell me you're not drooling.

My cousin, Donna nabbed a rare letter'P' for her daughter Paige at $40.  I am sure it is now looking lovely in her dorm room.

This beautiful antique headboard will soon be hanging over the front door at the Langston home.  I can't wait to see it!!

I had a very nice chat with this lady from the UK about my road trip there last year.  She was originally from Texas, but marrying a Brit landed her n Whales.  Nice job.

I have inherited so many of these crocheted table cloths, and I love the way they are using them here.   Idea city.

Need to study and recreate this for sure.

I am going to make this.  Stay tuned.

Pillow world.

$186.- made into a light fixture

Thinking of you, Shawn.

Thinking of you, Lauren.

On sale for $300.  Next time!

I <3 this very mod junk

Thinking of you, my friend, Kellie Dyar

A few yards of that burlap came home with me.

Thinking of you, rude woman who almost ended my life with her dirty look for trying on her glasses.  You can see in my eyes how much I cared for her and her bad day.
Yeah, that's none at all.

Please be mine one day.

Okay, let me pause to say, Magnolia Pearl is my hero and I almost passed out when I got to actually touch clothing she had touched and made!! 

This craftsman was both incredibly talented and humble.  I wish I could fill my house with his creations!!

I had seen these on pinterest, but was not prepared for just how amazing there were in real life.  Applause. No, standing O.

Come on, tell me that is not amazing.  I would put it in my bedroom.  Give it a name and talk to it like  a friend.

Thanks, again for an excellent day, Donna and Robert!! 

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