Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Article in 280 Living.

It has been exciting journey, but I must say, I really needed this today.  
I'm big on process...whether you are decorating your home or just living life in general, it is a process.  I think I am such a big preacher of that philosophy, because it is so difficult for me.  Starting my own business has been no different.  And, today, when I was feeling just a little over-worked, this article came out to pick me right up.
Thank you, Lauren, for being one of my biggest fans and writing such a sweet article for 280 Living.  It hit stores today, so pick one up anywhere with a 35242 zip code. 

That's me unashamedly excited and reading the article to my boys.  They were excited to see their smiling faces made the paper too!  


Madoline said...

Glad you liked the article, Brook. I am so glad that Lauren and I connected and got to tell the story. Here's a link to the online version if you want to share it with anyone: -Madoline Markham, 280 Living

Brooklyn said...

Me too, Madoline! I am so appreciative for you and Lauren and 280 Living!! AND Thanks for stopping by my blog!