Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Decorating on the Mountain

Every year, I get the pleasure of decorating my mom's house for an annual Christmas party.  Mother is such a friend to me, so I enjoy this time spent with her as much as anything.  But decorating the Tuscan dream home she built a few years back is also quite fun, blasting Christmas music, and dancing around like sugarplum fairies.  
Inside her front door is a court yard:

And then a secondary front door into the house:

Then you come inside to a foyer, dining room, and stairs up to the living room:
Pearl (Mother's spoiled rotten Maltese) is great eye candy and always 
up for a photo op.

We wrapped the balusters with with garland, lights, harlequin ribbon, animal print ribbon, and pheasant feathers. 

I hate the sun coming through the windows makes this difficult to see, but we garnished the entry table with another lime metallic tree and Tuscan floral garland with more ribbon and light ornaments, Old St. Nick perched on a gift box, another harlequin bow, and my grandmother's 24K gold coffee service.  Gift glass light boxes, Mother and I reflected in the mirror, and a partridge in a pear tree (not really). 

To your right is my tables-cape for the dining with Santa flair hanging from the china cabinet.  A lemon garnished wreath (coordinating harlequin, of course) surrounding a bowl full of ornaments, and crystal candelabras.

The tables cloth and napkins is a golden William Sonoma with 3 plaid (can't get enough plaid...ever) runners, gold chargers, and Mother collectors Christmas dishes.

We hung wreaths from the upper windows, really lemony smelling holiday juniper going up the stairs, and just more flair in different places in general. 

I love this lime, red, and gold tree fitted with 25 years of collected ornaments.  Kurt Adler, Christopher Radko, Pottery Barn, Hobby Lobby, 2nd grade Mrs. Bailey's class, and the like.

Your basic beautiful nativity set with a touch of the plaid fabric from the dining room.

Think we could fit a few more?

2 silk palms live in the back of the living space, which we lit up with Twinkle lights, and filled a Tuscan vase with floral flair in our bright red and lime theme color.

A pair of happy little Staffordshire pups complete the scene.

On the coffee table, we pulled in the pheasant feathers from the garland in an earn with more lime floral balls.

As for the mantle, we just added more of your basic color light garland with lime green mesh, and the traditional stockings.  Santa has plenty of room to fill those guys up.  proper homage is paid to encourage his filling with the sleigh, gift, and 2 tiny reindeer with harlequin bows around their neck. Note to Santa, be careful with the crystal candelabras, otherwise, go to town!

For the kitchen and breakfast area, we outfitted it with more wreaths on the windows and bows in the chandeliers:

Thanks for stopping in again.  Hope everyone is getting in the holiday season!!

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