Sunday, December 4, 2011

Knitting this fall...

Knitting this fall has been a little different.  It has been so much more enjoyable this year than last.  Because of the marathon work I did to sale scarves last year, this year has been much more about the art of it, much more about the treasure of the gift.  I have not worried so much about how fast I turn them out or how much I profit I can make.  My scarves have been a delight!
I have collected some really beautiful mohair skanes and learned some new patterns.  Now knowing how to purl has set me free to do most any pattern!
Check out these ozark scarf patterns.  The yarn overs let you really see and enjoy how beautiful this mohair really is:

This is another pattern out of huge chunky woven alpaca yarns.  I added a button.

Here's my no pressure happy pile for this year so far:


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