Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Langston Project

A super exciting project just wrapped up at my husband's cousin's posh Greystone home.  I loved being Donna's go-to final detail girl, and it was an absolute honor being in her home in this capacity! I started with these bookshelves.  I LOVE decorating shelves!!  But these were quite special.  Donna's daughter, Paige, is actually an amazing artist!  She has sculptures that have won awards, and guess who gets the majority of them to feature in her home?  
Each one deserved it's own space to really be appreciated.  
Here's the shelves before I got my hands on them:

All clean and ready to begin:

 Completed left size:

Completed mantle:

Center view again:

The next project was to select a coffee table.
Clearly missing something.
On our trip to Scott's in Atlanta, Donna and I were both so very inspired by the use of an  antique cart as a coffee table.  I was having trouble finding one in budget, until I went to Past Perfect at Lee Branch and found this one:
Which I hurriedly brought into their home along with a couple of side tables for drinks and what not.

I love that chandelier:

 View from the kitchen:

 We added two architectural details to the house from this view.  The piece above the entry, first of all, was the piece that we selected in Atalanta that started the whole project.  It was a great size and shape, and adds so much above the door.
I gave it a little warmth over top with some glaze:

Also, we wanted to add something interesting to the stairs.  
Here's the before:

And we added these wooden plaques for a touch of detail:

Here's a view of the other side of the room complete with coffee table, end tables, and added lamps and pillows:

 In the kitchen, we added this red antique tool box.  It fit perfectly and gives a touch of storage and fills that space beneath the table. 

 Next I spruced up the back hallway with some existing family photos and framed it with a scroll above ( was difficult to get out enough to get a full picture):

I loved Donna's dining room. The beautiful furniture and draperies really set the stage for a formal dinner.  I just added some fabric to the table to pull it all together:

The name of the game in this palace was detail, detail, detail.  She was basically there with all the furnishings, just had to wrap the bow on the gift, but what a beautiful present to give!


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