Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Latest on the Sunroom...

Okay, so it's been since the fall since I've updated about the sunroom.  
I HATE an unfinished project, and that's pretty much the state I've been living in for a while, but anyway, here we are.
Originally, we had two entries cut into the office, but my friend and fellow decorator, Chris Hutchens came over and helped me see the light.  I knew things were just not right with the two entries (apparently trying to receive a sense of balance in a room that is as off balance as this one is best done by keeping the lack of balance...odd), so we came up with this design to go to the ceiling and only have one entrance, and dry-walled her up.  I do like it so much better, and the tv is going to fit much better on this wall now.
So, I'm going to keep plugging away, but just wanted to update and gather my thoughts...

We also added the ladder up to the loft, which Blake surprised me with, and I LOVE IT!  He did a great job.

There's the light from Ballard in all it's glory, and the TV will move and be centered on the loft wall.

The piano is not staying here (I have to get it away from the windows for tuning purposes), but I had to get it out of the office so I could finish up in there.

So, paint paint paint.  But what colors?  Hm, let's see a little inspiration...

 source: Pinterest
These two pictures I love because of the sectionals.  I think they are super functional for parties, and the leather is great with kids and durability, but the white is the style, edge, and femininity I like.  White never bores me, and mix it with some flowers for that pop of color, and I am a smitten kitten.

source: pinterest (Sheryl Crowe's house)

source: cote de texas
This room is great because it is similarly off-balance like my sunroom.  I LOVE the  mounts!  I really do, and I think mounts absolutely belong in my house to bring the southern masculinity that surrounds me.  I am also crazy about the natural feel of the tree trunk table.  Also, I go back and forth on window treatments in here.  I like that this room looks great without them.  And I love the map covering up the television on a barn door rail.  Very sexy.   Finally, I like this floor.  I have been thinking about repainting the blue tile instead of floating a cork floor, but I'm still not sure. 
Here are the cork options:

That's probably my toughest decision I have to make right now. 

Here's some other things I have going on in the sunroom that will be staying:

Papa Bear's Chair (minus the pillow probably)...

This painting.  I love the colors...

Of course, the chandelier.  Just thought I would show it again...

Also, since I discovered that my angled ceiling is not flat or even,  I really love these beams as an alternative.  I also like the more modern style of these chairs combined with the cottage look:
source: designsponge

In this room, I love how they have the touches of gold with all the distressed and white.    Again, a sectional is functional for groups, and I love the touches of organic material here with the trunk and the antlers.  Also, I am crazy about how soft and comfy that rug looks:

In this room, I am looking at the grey and white hues with the natural wood coffee table.  Love it.  Also,  the layered rugs, and I am not going to lie, I have wondered if we should save and add a fireplace under where the tv is going to go on the new wall:
source: nicety.livejournal

Hm...about $1900. ???

I am not sure what it is that I love so much about this room, but I am pretty sure it's, of course, the architecture, the collected over time, feel, and coziness.  (There is also a lot in this room I hate (the clutter, those star things hanging from the ceiling), but I LoVe the rugs, the modern touches from the coffee table and chairs, and wait, did I already say architecture:

source: chic-deco.blogpot

From this room, the grey and white, the RUG RUG RUG, and modern details again with some rustic, but not quite enough rustic for me:
source: apartment34

I love this room!  But especially the rug and the long bench type coffee table.  I also love the floral arrangements, and of course, the moody greige colors:
source: hgtv

Details Details Details...
I feel strongly that I want to adopt a tree for the sunroom.  It will be our newest family member with name and all.  (Maybe then I'll remember to take care of her).
But, which one should it be?:
source: fabrikoflife.wordpress

source: elementsofstyle

source: pinterest

source: pinterest

source: littlegreennotebook

source: crushculdesac

Build in television?
source: fabrikoflife.wordpress

White floor?
source: marthastewart

White? Grey chaise?
source: desiretoinspire

Coffee tableS? White?
source: greigedesign
Love these details:
source: greigedesign

I like this coffee table from West Elm(rustic and storage):
A few pieces I love by GabbyHome:

 And I love this sectional by Palmer:

I would love to have thoughts, input, etc.  So, feel free, and I will hopefully get to update more soon!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Top 10 of 2011

One of my biggest thrills of 2011 was the discovery of Pinterest
(I know it was a lot of people's), but because I have come to spend so much time on there dreaming, I thought I would post my 2011 Top 10 Pins:

**This just reminds me so much of the shape of my own patio...

This is what I look like in my mind:

**This is my idea of camping:

**Water is my life source!  I love it!!!

**I am in the middle of remodeling my family/sunroom, and I can't imagine an inspiration photo any better than this one (It just doesn't get better than all white with a pop of color brought in through nature) :

**The discovery of my love for concrete countertops and limestone floors pretty much sealed the deal for how much I wish I could build my own house:

**And one day I pray I have my own girl room:

**Without a doubt, every house with kids or grandkids should have a bunkroom:

**And I have never in my life been so full of crafty ideas:

**Or new and exciting ways to get organized:

Now if I could only shut down the computer and get to doing it!!!
Thanks Mr. Creator of Pinterest.  I have never been more inspired and less productive.  Isn't life grand!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Cleaning up from Christmas...

 It's pretty common knowledge that the "take down" is the worst part of Christmas, but as for me, I try to make it fun.  I always see it as an opportunity to change things up in my house again.  Shift things, get creative, and make a space look brand new.   
 I know, I'm not sure I'm not normal.  

I started in the kitchen, because it's where everyone always is.  So, it's obvious to me that the place you see the most looks the best.  

 So I took a little inspiration from these 2 photos, brought out my stoneware, and tidied things up a bit:

Image source: Pinterest

 Here's my kitchen:

The dining room is going to house more of the homework type stuff, but I wanted to get creative with the organizing, so my next stop is a homework station with pens and pencils poking out of this guy:

I'll keep you posted.