Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Top 10 of 2011

One of my biggest thrills of 2011 was the discovery of Pinterest
(I know it was a lot of people's), but because I have come to spend so much time on there dreaming, I thought I would post my 2011 Top 10 Pins:

**This just reminds me so much of the shape of my own patio...

This is what I look like in my mind:

**This is my idea of camping:

**Water is my life source!  I love it!!!

**I am in the middle of remodeling my family/sunroom, and I can't imagine an inspiration photo any better than this one (It just doesn't get better than all white with a pop of color brought in through nature) :

**The discovery of my love for concrete countertops and limestone floors pretty much sealed the deal for how much I wish I could build my own house:

**And one day I pray I have my own girl room:

**Without a doubt, every house with kids or grandkids should have a bunkroom:

**And I have never in my life been so full of crafty ideas:

**Or new and exciting ways to get organized:

Now if I could only shut down the computer and get to doing it!!!
Thanks Mr. Creator of Pinterest.  I have never been more inspired and less productive.  Isn't life grand!!

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