Friday, September 30, 2011

A Copper-leafed Wall

My latest ventures have taken me downtown into the southside of Birmingham to work on the new flat of my friend, Shawn...
Having been in the design world, I was a little nervous to work for Shawn, but I couldn't resist being a part of this project.  
Ever been to the restaurant called, The Beauty Shop in Memphis?
The have a wall in it that has served as our inspiration.  It is copper leafed.  Yes, the entire wall is copper leaf!!
Being the amazingly cool guy he is, Shawn's urban refuge required nothing less.  Enters me.
Check out our wall: 

It was prepped with a deep plum underneath color

After day 1, and about 4.5 hours of metal artistry, here's what we have:

Looking delicious, no?

At the end of Day 2, we ran out of copper.  So, we have to wait for the next package to come in.  But, I'll still give you a peek...

And, at the end of the third day...


I am so excited about the completion of this place!  Shawn!!  Hurry up, bro.  Enquiring minds want to see this place after phase 2!  

Thanks for checking in and have a good weekend!!

p.s.  I went back a couple of months later and took the copper all the way into the kitchen.  Check it out:

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