Saturday, September 24, 2011

The latest at Lauren's...

Okay, I know it's controversial, but I have been known to paint a few wood floors in my day.  And, the wood in Lauren's kitchen, well, it was almost worn down to splinters in places.  So, something had to be done.  Paint is always my favorite medium.
BUT We had three options.  
ONE: She really liked solid white painted floors we had seen on pinterest, and that was the direction I still may go...
TWO: A distressed version like my foyer (see picture down and on the right a little), which wears so beautifully and is honestly less worrisome...
and THREE: Either one of the above options sealed.

Phase one is to start with the distressed version, live with it a while and see if you want to go solid or seal.  But, I will give you a sneak peek:

My other problem we are working through right now, and I would love to have your feedback, is that I am not sure about the stenciling anymore.  I really love the floor, and I am really loving the rest of the house, and I am just not sure that the stenciling looks as much like wallpaper as I wanted it to.  And I'm not sure if it goes with the rest of the house.  So, I am debating.  Do I paint over it?  Do I add more to it.  Anything else?  I feel like if I added a little more freehand and red in the flowers it might make a difference.  Everything else in the house really feels authentically aged, and this back wall right now just sorta feels out of place.  Thoughts?

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