Saturday, September 3, 2011

More from Our Memphis Trip...

About mid-summer, my brood of boys and I hopped in the car for a family get-away...  Memphis style!! 
I could hear the blues in the air as we drove the nearly 3 hours to get there, and I knew soon that I too would live my dream of walking with my feet 10 feet off of Beale.  
We pulled up about 9pm to dive into the Kookamunga Burger at the Kooky Canuck.  Unfortunately, it took 45 minutes to cook the 4lb. burger to perfection, and since the littlest Thompson gentleman were living on borrowed time, we had to settle for one of their regular sized {still delicious} burgers and a variety of their creative milkshakes.
The next morning, we did, in fact, check out Beale street, Union Ave, Gibson Guitar, and lots of other hot spots before we headed over towards the Mississippi to go to the also-well-known-from Man vs. Food Gus's Chicken, but let me catch you up with the pictures:

Walking toward Union Ave.

We had a lot of fun with this alley:

After leap frogging those balls for about 20 minutes straight, 
the little men were just  a little tuckered out.

I actually captured birds copulating. 
Only in Memphis.

Yes they are.  And, yes, you are seeing it right here.

This river had been flooding downtown just months before.  
Wouldn't know it.

The start of Beale at the River

Dibber's favorite Dinner is Spaghetti.  

@Gibson.  These kids didn't know what a Juke box was!  Dude.  
We don't eat enough Waffle House, clearly! 


Here's the spoils:

Pics the boys' took:

Oh the enjoyment.  And this was the most phone moment of the entire trip:

Okay, Okay, y'all have been very patient.  I will show you the amazing Antique and Salvage store I found. The Common Market! Simply the best.  Better than all rest.: 

He's so happy right there.

This was just a building down the road I was quite smitten with.

The next day, we went to GRACELAND!!!!

Keepin' it educational, of course.

We really enjoyed our time with the king.
As it was turning time to head home, we had to fit in a couple more eats:

BBQ Nachos and Sno Cones.  The names of the places will come to me later, but 
it was so much fun to have a foodie trip.  
Thanks for checking in and living vicariously!!

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