Sunday, June 28, 2009

Good Books this Time

Saturday, I finally got to spend some quality time with my beloved books at my beloved library, and I actually emerged with some good ones this time and feel very inspired for my house and my sisters wedding. Check it out (at your local library):

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The T-Farm Landed the Reception

Well, my sister wants to hold her wedding reception at our humble T-Farm (the Thompson farmhouse where we raise book clubs, basil, and boys...and now hold wedding receptions). I know myself well enough to know that the thrill I feel now from planning, dreaming, researching, and preparing will turn into panic sometime in April 2010 when my perfectionistic tendencies come face to face with reality and the un-perfect-ness there in. But, for now, I'm just thrilled and curious. I'm making bets with myself about how many fights my sister and I will get into, and how many blue hydrangeas I can dry. How many flea markets I can hit up and just exactly how I will fit every guest comfortably. Oh so much fun to be had! Do you ever wish you could just plan big events without the stress of having to follow through with them? :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Book Club

2 More books in our book club today...

Simple Style by Julia Bird****
this was finally a good one!! Julia Bird is an amazing poet and photographer, and her style is timeless.
Unfortunately I can't say the same for Do It Yourself Decorating with Fabric * which was very outdated and boring.
Still loving the library, by the way. So much so that I think it's going to be my new hangout even without the kids. How much of a nerd am I?
The kids and I have discovered books on audio:
There's a Boy in the Girls Bathroom, America the Beautiful, and The Man Who Walked Between Towers. Very very fun to curl up and listen for a change and give my scratchy voice a rest. Have a good weekend everyone and we'll pick it up here on Monday!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Welcome to My Decorating Book Club

This summer has been great so far! We have been regulars at the Hoover library. We have seen Aesops Fables puppet show, and Chicken Little performed at the Library Theatre, joined the book club, explored the world of computer learning, and read plenty of amazing books (including Edward Tulane which is awesome!!). But until yesterday I did not realize that the library is NOT JUST for kids!! They have a plaza with great food, and an adult book club, and a whole section of decorating books and magazines!! I'm in heaven! So, here's what I picked out yesterday:

Leading an Artful Life by Mary Engelbreit. **, A Passion for Antiques by Barbara Milo Ohrbach*, and Kids' Rooms Magazine by BHandG***

Clearly, I need to go back today and choose more wisely, but nonetheless, I am so excited about my new pass time. It is a good, healthy activity for everyone!!

Highly recommended children's book:

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I watched the Bachelorette twice yesterday...thank you mr. dvr man...because there was just too much drama with a capital D to take in all at once. If your lost, BooMama recaps it best! But let me just say...

I was a big fan of Jake. I really was. And I am going to miss his pretty little face, but Jake, my friend, you are a cheese monster! If you want a girl like Jillian (which I don't really think you do...try Bachelorette Mayberry next time), you need to come down to earth! It is sad, though because it really does come down to insecurity. Um..."I haven't been honest with you...I know I tell you all the time how much I like you, but I haven't been 'honest' about how much I likelove you"! So sad. So sad.

And to my second fave, Michael. We almost lost him this week too! Come on, Jill, keep him around for the laughs and the dancing. This will probably be his last week, though, sadly. He's just not serious enough for Jill I think, nor is he old man enough.

Jillian has clearly emerged with a type: Dark hair, mature, serious, and quirky. I know I have been so bad at predictions so far, but if I had to guess between Kiptyn, Jesse, and Reid, I'd have to say....hmmm....

Kiptyn...shallow obligatory conversations so they can get to the making out

Jesse...a little predictable, but sweet

Reid...all the quirks to keep her entertained, all the confidence and independence to keep her guessing

I don't know! Play paper rock scissors! That would be about as realistic as this whole thing! Seriously!

I mean, I like Jillian. I've watched every show. But I'm beginning to just not relate to Jillian. Plus, 5 hometown dates! Really! Why do they keep going up on the number?? Most of these guys have only had date and now she's meeting the parents?

Oh, and how about that monkey wrench preview for future episodes which I can only assume means Ed is coming back (as she is in her white dress) and is going to propose! (Again, after JUST ONE DATE!).

On a random light note, I would like to mention that I loved this last episode extra because Blake and I honeymooned in Banff and Lake Louise, so there ya go. And I'm so excited about going to Spain! This show is great! A little bit of soap opera, a little travel channel, and all reality. Money!

cya later Jake. no. really.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today's Vacation Idea

World famous food, music and dancing, and especially fun for the kids make this vacation the perfect Texas Dude Ranch experience. They have special events every week night, and see to truly know families. For example:
*On Tuesday and Saturday evenings, children 3-12 years will have their own meal and will be entertained separately from the adults. Our staff supervises on those evenings. Parents of children 2 years and under will have to arrange for a personal sitter for their meals and activities on those two evenings. NO exceptions will be made for children in the dining room on Tuesday and Saturday evenings. Saturday evenings children are invited to the floor show AFTER the meal.
A typical day looks like this: a hayride down to the barn for a big cowboy breakfast, morning trail ride with beautiful views, poolside or dining room lunch listening to live country and western music, after lunch rest or cool off in the pool and get ready for a nightly themed bbq under the riverside pavilion, then entertainment including the music, dancing, and/or firework show.
For our family of five, we are talking $450 a day all inclusive, though. So, its no cheapo, but not too bad.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hip n Cozy I love these cute little carseat covers! Believe it or not, I only have a year or so left of carseat time before all of mine will be in booster seats! As much as that boggles my mind and weirds me out, I still love all the cool, hip baby stuff and am so thankful that God saw fit to put me with a group of friends with new borns, hopefuls, and big bellies :). These carseat covers are definateley something I would invest in if I could go back and do it all over. We ruined some carseats and spent some unnecessary money because of spills, tears, and technical difficulties. So, for aprox. $40, I could have saved a few hundred. Plus, they are adorable. Check out these cuties:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ode to Vehicular Transportation

I guess I always used to love cars. I remember before I turned 16 researching and dreaming. Reality was always so disappointing in the car department. A 1992 Acura Legend. A 1993 Toyota Camry. (I got a VW beetle after that, but it was the first year of the new make and there were some kinks to work out apparently). Then I ventured into smooth, functional cars which, of course, were nice, but if I'm honest, pretty much castrated the need for power and speed right out of me. So I learned to supress my emoiton, and over the last couple of years if anyone asked me I would just say, "I'm not much of a car person."
But I am here to set my feelings free. My taste in cars may be rare and specific, but I am definately a car person. Growing up, the thing we did for fun was go for a drive. My Dad showed me almost all of north Alabama in his little toyota (that's where i fell in love with 5 fun). I have great memories of borrowing the big Hoe (what we called my parents Tahoe), driving to Mountain Brook just to get lost and find our way out. I also recall taking Mike's X3 convertible to Smith Lake and a drive through town. Even now, if he asked me what I want for my birthday, it's to borrow the porche and go for a drive! There's nothing like the power at the pedal, the wind in your hair, and the radio loud. I even like a bumpy ride, and I definately prefer a 5 speed over anything else! I gotta feel the road. So take your smooth as butta BMW and drive on without me. Here's my taste:

I'd take any of those if it came to it, but here's the thing. I'm a jeep girl. Always have been. Always will be if I'm being honest. My Barbie even had a silver Corvette but secretly longed for the pink Barbie Jeep. Plus, like pretty much everything about them. I've weighed all the stinky windblown, bumpy negatives, and nothing stops my desire. So my plan is to gift my oldest son my lovely volvo when he turns 16, and finally become the little girl in the big, tricked out jeep wrangler. Only 9 more years to go. :)

There's a few, but for practicality and functionality (i.e. I can enjoy myself with as many friends as possible, tote whatever I need in the back for trips) this is hands down the winner:

I don't know what those people are doing in my jeep. they need to get out of it. Anyway, I'd choose a different color like blue, white (with the daisy duke eagle, dixie stamp and rebel flag) or black and, of course add a few accessories:

But that's my journey through vehicular la la land. Thanks for wearing your seat belt and joining me. Back to reality now.

Monday, June 8, 2009

My Sisters Getting Married...and I can't stop Myself!

Okay, I admit, I am living vicariously a little bit, but the past weekend, I have looked all through this world wide web to "help" my sis with her wedding plans. I'm excited!

here's her colors: hydrangea blue and plum plus some other inspiration:

Thursday, June 4, 2009

6 shirts?

My six year old goes to a school that gets out at 12:40, and since my two younger sons still nap from 1-3, Elijah has an hour rest time, which he spends in his room doing all sorts of creative Elijah things. One day, for no apparent reason, he came downstairs with six shirts on. Just, because.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"weet nuggles"

sometimes certain things happen that just causes me to "get" how God must feel. Seeing my children love each other is definately #1 in that list. When they show preferance to each other I can get why God wants so much for his children to love each other. It's a beautiful thing.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Elijah's Room (thought process)

I knew at some point this summer I would tackle Elijah's room (during the daddy/boy/grandmother trip), but I just found out yesterday that that day is June 11 (a week away!). So, like any good planner, I need to map out my thoughts, collect supplies, and get inspiration, etc. goes:

#1. I have the very unfortunate task of scraping the ceiling. Need: mask, protective eyewear, joint knife scraper, garden sprayer, plastic, painters tape, rosin paper, joint compound, sander. Steps: clear room, turn off electricity, remove light fixture, tape plastic to cover walls and floor, tape off ceiling for clean line, spray celing, scrape, clean up, repair celing, sand. Dear Lord, I am sneezing just thinking about it.

#2. Painting. I have a taupe color (my boy's favorite color is brown, strangely enough) that will go on the celing and walls. After that I am considering a few things...painting trees on the wall, or chalk line marks to make it look like boards/tree house like feel. Elijah's favorite colors: brown, blue, and orange. Fortunately since I'm the mom and it's my house, I get to pick the shades of those colors.

#3 Shopping needs: a dresser, light fixture or fan, bedside table. In my dreams, I would love my husband to build a built in bed.

#4 Inspiration: Elijah loves all things campy, explorer, Swiss family Robinson, and Superheros. hmmmm....