Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I watched the Bachelorette twice yesterday...thank you mr. dvr man...because there was just too much drama with a capital D to take in all at once. If your lost, BooMama recaps it best! But let me just say...

I was a big fan of Jake. I really was. And I am going to miss his pretty little face, but Jake, my friend, you are a cheese monster! If you want a girl like Jillian (which I don't really think you do...try Bachelorette Mayberry next time), you need to come down to earth! It is sad, though because it really does come down to insecurity. Um..."I haven't been honest with you...I know I tell you all the time how much I like you, but I haven't been 'honest' about how much I likelove you"! So sad. So sad.

And to my second fave, Michael. We almost lost him this week too! Come on, Jill, keep him around for the laughs and the dancing. This will probably be his last week, though, sadly. He's just not serious enough for Jill I think, nor is he old man enough.

Jillian has clearly emerged with a type: Dark hair, mature, serious, and quirky. I know I have been so bad at predictions so far, but if I had to guess between Kiptyn, Jesse, and Reid, I'd have to say....hmmm....

Kiptyn...shallow obligatory conversations so they can get to the making out

Jesse...a little predictable, but sweet

Reid...all the quirks to keep her entertained, all the confidence and independence to keep her guessing

I don't know! Play paper rock scissors! That would be about as realistic as this whole thing! Seriously!

I mean, I like Jillian. I've watched every show. But I'm beginning to just not relate to Jillian. Plus, 5 hometown dates! Really! Why do they keep going up on the number?? Most of these guys have only had date and now she's meeting the parents?

Oh, and how about that monkey wrench preview for future episodes which I can only assume means Ed is coming back (as she is in her white dress) and is going to propose! (Again, after JUST ONE DATE!).

On a random light note, I would like to mention that I loved this last episode extra because Blake and I honeymooned in Banff and Lake Louise, so there ya go. And I'm so excited about going to Spain! This show is great! A little bit of soap opera, a little travel channel, and all reality. Money!

cya later Jake. no. really.

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