Saturday, June 27, 2009

The T-Farm Landed the Reception

Well, my sister wants to hold her wedding reception at our humble T-Farm (the Thompson farmhouse where we raise book clubs, basil, and boys...and now hold wedding receptions). I know myself well enough to know that the thrill I feel now from planning, dreaming, researching, and preparing will turn into panic sometime in April 2010 when my perfectionistic tendencies come face to face with reality and the un-perfect-ness there in. But, for now, I'm just thrilled and curious. I'm making bets with myself about how many fights my sister and I will get into, and how many blue hydrangeas I can dry. How many flea markets I can hit up and just exactly how I will fit every guest comfortably. Oh so much fun to be had! Do you ever wish you could just plan big events without the stress of having to follow through with them? :)

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