Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ode to Vehicular Transportation

I guess I always used to love cars. I remember before I turned 16 researching and dreaming. Reality was always so disappointing in the car department. A 1992 Acura Legend. A 1993 Toyota Camry. (I got a VW beetle after that, but it was the first year of the new make and there were some kinks to work out apparently). Then I ventured into smooth, functional cars which, of course, were nice, but if I'm honest, pretty much castrated the need for power and speed right out of me. So I learned to supress my emoiton, and over the last couple of years if anyone asked me I would just say, "I'm not much of a car person."
But I am here to set my feelings free. My taste in cars may be rare and specific, but I am definately a car person. Growing up, the thing we did for fun was go for a drive. My Dad showed me almost all of north Alabama in his little toyota (that's where i fell in love with 5 fun). I have great memories of borrowing the big Hoe (what we called my parents Tahoe), driving to Mountain Brook just to get lost and find our way out. I also recall taking Mike's X3 convertible to Smith Lake and a drive through town. Even now, if he asked me what I want for my birthday, it's to borrow the porche and go for a drive! There's nothing like the power at the pedal, the wind in your hair, and the radio loud. I even like a bumpy ride, and I definately prefer a 5 speed over anything else! I gotta feel the road. So take your smooth as butta BMW and drive on without me. Here's my taste:

I'd take any of those if it came to it, but here's the thing. I'm a jeep girl. Always have been. Always will be if I'm being honest. My Barbie even had a silver Corvette but secretly longed for the pink Barbie Jeep. Plus, like pretty much everything about them. I've weighed all the stinky windblown, bumpy negatives, and nothing stops my desire. So my plan is to gift my oldest son my lovely volvo when he turns 16, and finally become the little girl in the big, tricked out jeep wrangler. Only 9 more years to go. :)

There's a few, but for practicality and functionality (i.e. I can enjoy myself with as many friends as possible, tote whatever I need in the back for trips) this is hands down the winner:

I don't know what those people are doing in my jeep. they need to get out of it. Anyway, I'd choose a different color like blue, white (with the daisy duke eagle, dixie stamp and rebel flag) or black and, of course add a few accessories:

But that's my journey through vehicular la la land. Thanks for wearing your seat belt and joining me. Back to reality now.


Blake said...

How I do love that wife of mine. The only thing you got wrong in here is that Elijah will be the benefactor of my truck rather than your volvo.
Then I will be getting a jeep. Don't worry though. I will let you drive it from time to time :-)

Brook and Meredith said...

yeah right. is all i can say. we shall see.