Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today's Vacation Idea

World famous food, music and dancing, and especially fun for the kids make this vacation the perfect Texas Dude Ranch experience. They have special events every week night, and see to truly know families. For example:
*On Tuesday and Saturday evenings, children 3-12 years will have their own meal and will be entertained separately from the adults. Our staff supervises on those evenings. Parents of children 2 years and under will have to arrange for a personal sitter for their meals and activities on those two evenings. NO exceptions will be made for children in the dining room on Tuesday and Saturday evenings. Saturday evenings children are invited to the floor show AFTER the meal.
A typical day looks like this: a hayride down to the barn for a big cowboy breakfast, morning trail ride with beautiful views, poolside or dining room lunch listening to live country and western music, after lunch rest or cool off in the pool and get ready for a nightly themed bbq under the riverside pavilion, then entertainment including the music, dancing, and/or firework show.
For our family of five, we are talking $450 a day all inclusive, though. So, its no cheapo, but not too bad.

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