Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Sunroom Update: LIGHTS, Camera, Action...

I feel like I preach about lighting all the time (anyone remember this post?), but it really is eye candy for any room, plus it sets a mood, sets a style, sets a stage, sets your own creative and restful environment.  Don't forget it.  What's over your head is just as important as what's under your feet and all around you.  
For me as an artist, my environment can make for much smoother sailing in my work.  
I was so excited when I started working for the public this year to finally make enough to start working on my sunroom.  It's really my family room.  Where we always end up after the kitchen closes.  So, it's no surprise that now that the construction is wrapping up, and the style factor is revving up, I want to start with LIGHTING!!
 Here's my options to bring in a little sophistication:






and the winner is:::


I am so excited.  I just ordered it!
It is in my budget, not too feminine, not too masculine, but definitely a statement maker!!  Can't wait to show you it hanging in all its glory!!

Peace out!

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