Sunday, November 27, 2011

Me and My Boys Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree...And then Decorating It!

Like the Griswold's, we Thompson's love driving out to Old Baker's Farm the day after Thanksgiving, selecting the perfect tree, and chopping it down ourselves.

Here are my hunter-gatherers


And we have a winner!!


And the reward:
Hot apple cidar and a hay ride.

Guess what all he wants for Christmas is...

You know how every time kid's eat things they get it on their face?
Like candy canes and such as...

You know how when a kid needs a haircut, but it still looks okay when you fix it, but then there's those mornings when you don't have time to fix it and they look like squirrels have been having a meeting in their hair all night?  Yep.

And we finally get her home!

And the net is the perfect excuse to break out the pocket knife.

What is it with boy's and pocket knives?

Only the daddy can reach the tall bit at the top.

Ta Dah!

The lines sometimes get blurred between Roll Tide and Merry Christmas this time of year, so we just brung em both to the Thompson show!


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