Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hallow Fun's

We were so excited to be invited to two Halloween parties in one night this weekend!  
Seriously, we are not the going-outers or the staying-out-laters, so this was a very big night for us.  :)  And getting hubby to dress-up?  Wow.  Extra HUGE.
But, it didn't hurt that the attire was some of his favorite.
We started the day thinking we were gonna be Johnny and June Carter Cash.  We already had the costume, no purchases needed to be made, our favorite country music couple (after Blake and Miranda, of course), done, easy peasy.  
But then a stroke of genius happened out of the blue Saturday morning.  
Rosie is just too symbolic for this year to just let it pass by.  
I mean, I've started back to work, in a predominantly male field, trying to still be Mrs. Mom and a workin' girl.  Plus, I just loved the WWII time period.
I'm not so much a women's libber like the icon has come to represent, but everything else.  There.
Plus, hubby loves the opportunity to dawn his military threads.  And boy, was he ever so excited to run down to the Surplus and nab me a blue jumper.  
He even  came home and sewed it up by about 10 sizes to make it fit me.  
Nothing says Happy Halloween like a sweet, happy hubby, No?

So, without further delay....here's our inspiration, our costumes, and our night:

(p.s...We ended up at Redline listening to a friend's band play, and yes I did 3rd place and $25 in a costume contest.  Cha chang cha chang!)

Our Pokemon friend, Wendy

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