Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lighting Update

Since I never updated on the lighting replacements in my house, here they are. I looked at some unique ideas, but in the end, I guess you have to go with what you have time for and what comes available to you. I am pleased.

1. My dining room light was a hot glam mess. Crystals, crystals everywhere, but clad in flimzy, shiny brass. A good coat of brown spray paint can work wonders. And dimmer switches are awesome, by the way. Our recess lighting fills every corner with brightness when we need it as well.

2. This fixture was in my breakfast nook and was doing nothing for the space. I moved it over into my kitchen for a special touch, and stole some crystals from my other chandelier, and it's just right. This kitchen is minus a dingy old florescent box and also now has recessed lighting for added function.

3. I am most thrilled with this $40 thrift buy for my breakfast nook. It needed nothing but a little wiring and one of those white candle things (the proper name escapes me), and it's ready to go. It's big and bright and exciting for it there and I look forward to doing lots of homework with my 7 year old thanks to its light.

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{Amanda} said...

what a supercute thrift store find...cool treasure!!!