Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wallpaper ideas for Ben Grizzle

This blog (and the next) is specifically dedicated to my friend, Ben Grizzle, who needs a wallpaper education. :) Sorry, Ben, had to pick on you. Jamie, me, and all the good wives out there who just love all things beautiful, need our hubbys to get on board. :)

Actually, the BHG Do It Yourself this month features a great article on this subject. Christina Coop's apartment in San Francisco is featured because of her wonderful wallpapering ideas. Christina distributes for Ferm Living, a Danish wallpapering company, and swears that

1. wallpaper is super-hip as of about 5 years ago
2. wallpaper is much easier to hang and remove than it used to be
3. wallpaper should never be looked at as too permanent, only a perfect way to reinvent a living space.

Wallpapering 101
1. Buy Clear premixed wallpaper adhesive
2. Resist the urge to overpaste. A thin layer is best.
3. Snug seams tightly together, but do not overlap. Getting the seam right is the key to a professional looking job.
4. Use a sharp, sharp, sharp craft knife to cut the paper and change the blade often so you get a crisp cut.
5. Make sure the paper is dry before you cut to avoid tearing.
6. Save your scraps. Cover a tray, table, put in frames, etc.

Other Tips:
*Just feature wallpaper on one wall of a room, or never cover all 4 walls. This prevents pattern overload. View it as artwork.
*Paint the adjoining walls before you paper. That way you don't paint your paper. obviously.
*Pull the paint color for your adjoining walls from your paper when you want a seamless transition. You would use a contrasting color to pull your eye to the accent wall.
*Prime furniture before papering, so it sticks better.
*Don't forget that you can paper ceilings, closets, drawers, lampshades, on and on.

So, there you are Jamie, some ammo for you, and some ammo for you. some ammo for you, and some ammo for you... ;);)

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:The Grizzles: said...

Praise YOU, Brook Thompson! Praise you! I am glad we have eachother's backs! Preach on, Sista...preach on!