Monday, August 31, 2009

My (messy) House Monday

The first Saturday of every month is cleaning day. My bathroom always starts out looking great, but by the time the next Saturday rolls around, I have always unwound the cords and just left them unwound. Piles of I don't know what has collected in my extra bathroom sink. (Um I think the ever popular dounble sink master bathroom idea is great in concept, but you really need is the extra counter space. Who's with me?), drawers stay pulled out because I apparently can't close it once I start dragging my 'getting ready' items out. Ugh! This bathroom is a hot mess! But, never fear, it has been on my clean out list, and this week it is definately up to bat! Hope to tell you all about it very soon.

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Jolene said...

Hi there, what a lovely friendly blog. I searched motherhood and saw your blog so thought I would say hi and offer you an invite to come and see mine and perhaps lay a comment or two.
Love and light