Thursday, August 13, 2009

Promises Promises

It's so strange. Lately, there have been a number of deaths. And plenty of rainbows. I'm not surprised. God is so cool like that. He is very near. This one, my hubby took the other day. Saturday, after hosting the yard sale for my brother, we all went to my mother's for a sort of going away/send off party. We ate food from Superior Grill and gathered in a circle to pray blessings for Matthew's long trip. My Nana and Papa even came out to for it and got to see the new puppies. Unfortunately, Mother was having a rough go of it. Not only was she about to say a long goodbye to her youngest, sending him off into situations that will definitely be dangerous, rough, unpredictable, compromising, etc., she had just gotten a call from the vet that her precious pup of 11 years, Tristan, had just passed away after fighting a horrible liver cancer. This rainbow was definitely for her. As 4 generations (my Nana, Mother, me, and Elijah) gathered in a cramped water room and cried, Blake brought us this picture on my camera. Thanks, Blake, and most of all, thanks God!

Mother's rainbow

Nana and Papa
Mother and the boys
Elijah, Daddy and Paula say goodbye to Matt
Tristans last playdate. Have fun playing at the raidbow bridge.

Prayer for Matt.


{Amanda} said...

The first six sentences of your post say it all =)

Beautiful post Brook!

Blake said...

We all live in the shadow of a perpetual rainbow. May God's promises always be realized by His people.