Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A flower grows wild...

I am super excited about this canvas done for Lauren's breakfast nook. Not only do I get to use two new paint treatments, but it's kinda a special gift to mean something just for her.  I may be surprising her a little.  I'm not sure she knows all this.

Okay, Lauren's house is an Irish cottage style customized to reflect her beauty, charm, and heritage.  And, Lauren is one special lady, y'all.  I think I've mentioned that before, but if not, there it is again...
For her breakfast nook (a place Lauren spends a lot of time looking as she makes her awesome cupcakes!), I chose to paint an Irish thistle blowing in the wind. The meaning is obvious on the surface.  Beautiful Irish flower, right?  But there are lots of meanings if you look deep. I'll touch on my favorite...  

One of the things that has always been interesting to me about the friendship Lauren and I have is that we are so opposite.  Our lives really are nothing alike.  I got right after I turned twenty, had my first baby at 22, said goodbye to college and freedom and just look my life in another direction.

Lauren on the other hand, although she had plenty of options, has been wild, free, independent, and driven.  Driven to grow up through mountains and rocks, but completely unafraid and completely her own.  Just like the thistle that can be found growing randomly along the countryside in any terrain of Ireland.  Lauren is so respectful and in tune with her Irish elders.  Since I have known her, she has traveled to pay respect to her amazing heritage of Irish kin throughout America (not to mention all the traveling she has done in Ireland previously) .  But, like they who left their beloved Ireland and came to America, she set out from her family, on her own to seek her education, fight her battles, and find her place in this world.

Lauren is one of my hero's and one of my best friends.  She is truly one of a kind.  
My dear sweet Lauren, know that you did always have options.  You just followed what God had for you regardless of how untraveled... like your Irish thistle.  I hope you see that when you look at it. You followed God's way for you, my friend.  And that has made all the difference.

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