Saturday, February 19, 2011

House Tour 2008

Our House in 2008...

Our house has definately been a labor of love. When we bought it 3 years ago, we knew it would mean giving up lots of Saturdays, vacations, and basically anything that takes time and money, which we have done. We really have transformed our cottage farmhouse, which was built in 1972, but it's amazing how things just keep on evolving and the 'to do' list with it. So, Welcome. Come on in and see our work in progress.

This is a picture taken of our front porch during our favorite time of year, fall. Alabama is beautiful in the fall and everything about it says home, family, parties, football, leaves, soups, mums, pumpkins, and long-sleeves...all things I love. You can't enter the house without passing the front porch. It's what makes the place farmhouse-esque. 

 We found some rocking chairs at a yard sale ($20 each).   There are 5 adult chairs plus 3 for the kids, which Granna bought at Cracker Barrell.
Excuse the more thing on the spring 'to do' list. :)

Our foyer is a major work in progress, but here's what we have so far.
I hand painted the checker-boards on the floor which I plan to go back and distress.
The bench is an antique from my Nana's house, and the rest is an assortment of flea-market finds and gifts.

The master bedroom was probably my favorite project so far. We removed all the trim in here and replaced it with simple, Amish style trim. The headboard is actually trim on the wall. I hope to find a better focal point for the headboard, and we still have to scrape the ceiling in here and add crown mold, but one thing at a time is all I can say.

Here's another view.  The curtains are the fanciest thing in the house.  They are the real deal custom from a local shop and a very generous gift from my mom. 

The Sunroom. Like every other room in the house, it's had quite a few faceliftts. This is the most recent look. I purchased this antique blue velvet sofa from my grandmother. It needed a good cleaning, but it is really making me happy right now at the end of this large room's sitting area.

Gauze cutains purchased at Ikea set me back $9.99 per pair of panels. With all its window, this room needed 8 pairs. I hung them on found bamboo sticks. $24 for all 8 sticks.

Plaid pillows purchased at a yard sale for $2 each match my kitchen curtains perfectly.

The blue velvet Couch is a rescue from Nana's.

Antique oak barrel from a flea market

The antique cherry trunk is a gift from my step-mom's aunt's house. 

Once upon a time, this was our sunroom. Actually, not too long ago. My origional idea on the sunroom was an Amish style with the antique green trim. We sold this oversized couch from our first home to a friend. Although this was a great look for fall, I am happier with the blue and brown color scheme I have now. 

Sunroom Before

Our kitchen was our first remodel. It needed some pretty serious cosmetic love. We refaced the cabinets, replaced cracked laminate countertops and backsplash with white subway tiles and black granite. Then we added the butcherblock top island, added some recessed lights, a chandelier, and sprayed the pulls black.

Our dining room (once a living room) is working great for us now. As a living room, we never went in there, but now it's a place for more formal meals, display for my collections, and sit and enjoy the fireplace in the winter.

We love our patio and garden.  My Papa and I poured the concrete and designed the area, which makes it that much more special.

Again, very comfy patio chairs and cushions found at an estate sale for $20.oo

Here's a few other random shots of rooms around the place.  Things are always changing and rotating around in my canvas.

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