Sunday, February 27, 2011

Etsy lovin...

The season is changing early here in Alabama, and the turn of the flowers here at the Suburban Farmhouse has me sifting through my closet for some warm weather threads.  And when that doesn't work out like I like, I turn to Etsy...

At Market, I saw several of these long tiered skirts, and loved them.  Check out these casual, yet elegant feminine comfort pieces.
The ones above are made by beyondbeautiful at $42 for the first and $52 for the second. 

Caustic threads makes (drawing and printing the creative pictures) these: cute kids screen print tees for $14, and the ladies below is $18.00

This dress is made by Idea2Lifestyle and is $60

 Kalin makes these this awesome guys sweatshirt costing $75.00 

Lady TA invented this imaginative piece and is selling it for $39.00

Finally, these two dreamy ensembles are out of the UK, made by Nattyboho, and cost 95 pounds for the one above, and 135 pounds for the fancy frock below.

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