Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A February freshen up in the bedroom

So, we had a case of the winter drabs going on...

Is it just me, or does every good day begin with a crisply made bed?

Had my eye on this pattern from Garnett Hill in flannel, but SteinMart had it for 19.99!

Step 1: Clean and Clear

Step 2: Fitted Sheet

(Different View)

Hmmm...Just trying a little something new.

Step 3: Flat sheet, pillows, and blankets

Step 5: Ta-Da! A freshly made bed.

(Different View)

Hmmm...Now what...

Bye-Bye Brown.

Hello White.

I know it looks like the bedroom is still missing something, but I will know better exactly what to do when we get this ceiling done. I can't wait!
In the mean time, I will walk around and show you some different views of what I have going now.

It's much better, but not quite "there" yet.  Will keep you posted on the progress.  Thanks for checking in!

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Gracefully Vintage said...

What a Beautiful-Blog and amzing room-the hardwood, the dramatic curtains What a great space..
a new follower, ill be back for more inspiration