Sunday, February 27, 2011

80s party!

Great Saturday night in the hood.  One of our neighbors was having an 80s party.
Check out the footage...

I nabbed the sequined Liberace blazer with extra large shoulder pads from my grandmother's closet.  It was still in the active section for her tho, unfortunately.  Gotta love Nana.

As for the rest of these finds, I just gotta let them speak for themselves.  Wow!  Good times!

Acid Wash Denim Dress.  Wow.  She is also wearing 3 pairs of slouched neon socks and off-label white keds.  That's just so right, it's wrong, Heather.     

Rae sports the 80s prom dress, and Jeff actually pulled that shirt from his mom's closet.  It's one he actually wore when he was 16.

Steph had a hair station set up stocked with neon scrunchies, lots of hairspray, a crimper, and picks.  The smell of aerosol became the scent of the night.

Remember this dance as Top Gun's 'Take my Breath Away' plays in the background?

We even broke out the Roger Rabbit, Running Man, and 80s dances I don't remember the name of.

Pour Some Suger on me baby!

Gotta love some Chips.

Our actual pictures from the 80s.  I am bottom right sporting the bright patchwork sweater and green turtleneck.  I heart the 80s!

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