Thursday, February 17, 2011

Getting grounded in my favorite room...

Hi friends.  
Okay, so, this is my dining room:

And today, I am talking rugs.I have gone back and forth on the idea of a rug.  I find a lot of rooms where they are there, and I love them, and then rooms that I love without them.  Take a look at some great dining rooms without rugs:

And here are some with:

All great rooms.  
But the thing I love about the rooms with the rugs is how much more cozy and formal they feel.  
My dining room is probably my favorite room in the house, and I really want it to live up to it's potential.
So, here's some of my finds:

This one is great from for 

These next few are me just dreaming, but I do love that this website includes a free rug pad and free shipping.

This one is $655.00

This one is $892.00

This one is $400.00

This one is $179.00

This guy I love from World Mkt for $769.00

And this one is $well, it's actually not available in my 8x10size, so I just included it bc  I do love it.

And this one is $119, but also not my size. :(

The next few are from home decorators collection.  pretty good prices and free shipping!
The one above is a beautiful plaid matching so many plaids in my house and I love it!  Plus it's only $259.00

Very fancy for $769.00

Marvelous Martha Stewart for $397.00

Also Martha and also $397.00

Love this one at $357.00

This one is just a happy tease (and it really doens't even belong in my house but So FUN!) at $999.00

This guy is $397.00

And this is a great graphic guy for $259.00

And an amazing sale price at $167.00

Martha Wool at $397.00
Bring an outdoor Matha in for $189.00





$547.00 again

And this magnificent MArtha is $599.00 from Home Decorators Collection.

So that's all I have so far.  Thanks for letting me day dream out loud.  

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