Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Still catching up...

Hi all.  It was a crazy December.  I was undergoing a treatment on my feet that left pretty much sedentary for most off the fall, hence all the knitting and none of the shopping.  However, my brain still worked, and I still had some pretty lofty ideas about what I wanted to get crafted for Christmas.  So, instead of just letting reality be reality, I refused to give up.  So yesterday, January 14, I finally finished my Christmas decorating.  Better late than never.  Here's what went down:

We had more Christmas trees at our house than ever before: 4 downstairs and 3 upstairs = 7 total.  2 lived in the sunroom, and I took those down before I got a picture, but the two in the front of the house were quite pretty in their white and gold.  

You all saw the yarn wreaths I crafted in an earlier post, but these were my yarn trees.  I painted and hot glued the wooden balls on top and wrapped them to match my collection.  I found the Believe star at my favorite flea dive, Hamby Mill, in Jasper, AL.

These ball ornament were a simple, quick fix.  I used my Cricut Machine to cut out vellum dots and stick on clear ball ornaments purchased at Hobby Lobby.

This yarn garland took absolutely forever, but I think was quite worth it.  You can see where I started on it in an earlier post, but here's the finished product.  I wanted it to be mostly white, of course, but added some different plaids and fun sample fabric, even some old cut up shirts of the boys for touches of color.  

Here's the yarn scarf again.  With my trees I crafted from paper and glitter last year, and my silver dot wrapping paper.  It looks pretty cool next to the ball ornaments on the tree.

Finally, I crafted two of these wreaths to match my bedroom from left over coordinating fabric.  I love doing wreaths.  It's not quite as easy as it sounds, but it's basically just wrapping and wrapping and then attaching a bow, and they look great.  

Thanks for checking it out.  Here's to hoping we keep that Christmas spirit all year long.  Cheers!

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