Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Project 2011...Chris and Cassie's House

I have been kinda busy in 2010 decorating my friend's new house.  We have done everything on a budget, and everything you see here is brand new.  I wish I had the 'befores' for maximum impact, but here's what I have so far...

The large shelf was built by my grandfather, the legendary Pop Terry.  

Shelves on left were put together from old shelves found at Hamby Mill.
Butcher block countertops, All white, and I painted the floor and sewed the pillows.

I painted the cabinets and floors for maximum distressing and aged elegance.

Sewn burlap curtain by me hides the laundry room from the kitchen area. 

We opted to leave the cabinets open for display on this side and chose beadboard for the backsplash.

In the living room, we had to keep the same furniture for now, but did what we could with paint and texture.

We found the photos for clustering at Hamby Mill, yard sales, and past collected heirlooms.

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