Sunday, January 3, 2010

Decor 09

No! No! I know its January 3rd, but I don't want to take them down!!!


{Amanda} said...

Ummm HELLO! Did I miss something? Because you should definitely share tutorials of your supercool homemade Christmas decorations. Love the wreath, the glitter trees, the artwork...heck all of it!!!

Brook and Meredith said...

Thanks Amanda! My computer crashed somewhere around December 15 when I was making all my holiday decor fun, so that is the explanation for the lack of tutorials. So sorry. It was super fun, tho. I learned the book trees and wreath from a super cool new friend I met at a scrapbooking party (Wrapper Delight) named Brittany. Check her out here: and maybe I can go back soon and do a tutorial on the tree. Basically, on the wreath, you just tear up an old book and go crazy with the hot glue gun on a floral wreath. ;)