Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Date Night with Judah Bear

As a tradition, we take one of our boys once a year or so (as they are ready) on date night with Mom and Dad, you know, so they can learn manners, how to act in a nice restaurant, and what not. The other night was our middle son, Judan's turn. He had seen his brother go to Hot and Hot Fish Club last year, which is one of our city's finest. So, we had been building up for this night for over a year. We got all dolled up and went to Highlands Bar and Grill, which is Mom and Dad's favorite, and what a night it was.

When we arrived, and our drink preferences were requested, Judah whispers in my ear that he wanted coffee (his favorite), so I ordered him a decaf. Then he moved over right beside his dad, and looked like mini-me for the rest of the night. Judah tried some new dishes: grits, grilled rabbit, stuffed rabbit, among others, but to shock, triggerfish was his favorite. This from a boy who is not very inclined to try new things. The experience was great...one of those moments where you see your little man grow a little more, right before your eyes.

(Judah took this picture)

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{Amanda} said...

Brook this is a great idea! What a fun Date Night...I'll definitely have to incorporate this into our lives {well, when Mason's old enough that is}