Sunday, January 3, 2010

The New 'To Do'

I could write it down on a piece of paper, but it will just get lost or thrown away, so here goes my 2010 to do list:

1.) As George Bernard Shaw said, "Life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself." Some would not go along with this. In fact, I am not sure I am totally on board either depending on how you read it. Nonetheless, there is one way in which it applies to me. This last year, God used this quote to deepen his desire in me to be an artist, to explore what He has put in me to create, and to continue to take in and enjoy His beauty in things. In the coming year, I desire to take that to the next level - whatever that means.

2.) A lesson I intend to learn (because I have to teach it to my boys) is to be a team! Somewhere deep inside I think the premis is there. I know what it is to feel like 'I can talk about my mama, but you can't talk about my mama,' and all that really means is My People are just that. Mine. And they come first to me. With individuality such a strong pull, I do want them to know that, no matter what, have each other's back. Family comes first. Bros before, well, other people. :)

Those are the two main themes I am going with for now. :) Now on to things of a more practical nature...

'To Do':

1.) Make speghetti every week. It's the only dinner I make that the boys actually get excited about. I know, says a lot about my cooking, right? And, although I am not too particularly fond of the dish, maybe if I vow to make it every week, they will start to get tired of it.

2.) Eat more eggs for breakfast, more salads for dinner. I started this in November, along with drinking an ocean load of water, and I have felt great. It's the first Christmas where I think I actually lost weight instead of gaining it.

3.) Paint the dining room table. You can't beat $50 at a yard sale for a pine farmhouse table that seats 8, but the raw pine is really taking away from the Swedish farmhouse look I am going for, so it needs a paint job and some gorilla glue. Also, the bench and sidebar in there will require a coat or two to match.

4.) Do something with the trampoline. My boys have demolished the net, and now it is nothing more than a hazard and an intense eyesore. And since I have a wedding reception here in a few months, I really want to make the yard look, well, a little less trashy. So, what to do with it? That, my friend, is a very good question. Let me get back to you on that. I am definately open to any creative suggestions.

5.) I will float around with my head in the clouds all day long if I let myself, but I really do better with a steady routine. So here's mine during the week:

That's all I have so far. There's really a lot on the calendar to do this year as always, and I just know it is going to be so wonderful!! Here's a little preview of whats to come:
1.)A possible ski trip on the calendar (Blake has been begging for 10 years, so its finally time just to do what it takes to make it happen.)
2.)A 10 year anniversary.
3.) Sshhh...somebody is turning 30.

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{Amanda} said...

What a great idea to actually write-out your daily routine...guess I do things like that for work, but just simply hadn't applied it to the rest of my week!

Happy New Year Brook!