Sunday, January 24, 2010

Project White...

Recently, I bought some Valspar tinted primer in my shade of creamy white, and wanted to give it a shot. What I didn't realize was that once I got started it would be difficult to stop. This stuff works very well. One or two thick coats (depending on what you are going for), and that old dingy yard sale find is definately looking better. Another cool thing about it is if you decide the color is not right, or you want to change it, well, all you have done is prime (something you needed to do anyway), so no guilt.

I found this pine farmhouse table at a garage sale for $50. I debated on leaving the wood work, but decided the color didn't work with my floors, so I decided...why not white? I could prime it in this creamy shade and not feel bad if I have to paint it later if that doesn't work.



Step 1: Sand, or course.

Step 2: Smile for my 7 year old

Step 3: Roll on a thick coat:

The legs were a bit tricky. Used a brush for those.

Ready distress a bit...

60 grit sand paper around the edges. I went conservative at first, because I can always go back and do more, plus it will get some natural wear and tear, and that always looks better.

Next item up: This little $10 yard sale side table. I had temporarily put some funky knobs on it to pretty it up, but now it was time for a major overhaul. Believe it or not, this guy, although a 5th of the size was much more difficult than the big table. Look at all those intricacies! The whole thing was brushed, inside and out with 3 coats!

After two coats, I decided to paint a little white chair ($1 yardsale find) while Mr. Sidetable dried.

There are actually 7 Rockers, and thats where I am for now, but I have to pause for a garage remodel with my hubby, so more later!

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{Amanda} said...

I heart white-distressed furniture...lovely!