Sunday, March 6, 2011

President's Day Paradise

It is not often that the boys are out of school and Blake is off of work at the same time.  So, President's Day this year, was very special.

This beautiful spot is near where I grew up, and where my grandparents still live.  I have driven over this bridge a million times, and always wanted to pull over, get out, and explore.  

So, finally, we did.  

So beautiful.  So simple.  

While it was a dream come true for me, the rocks, trees, bugs, water, (I mean just look around) was a little boy's paradise.

And Niffy, of course, had the time of her life.

Fortunately, even an unusual February had not yet welcomed the snakes, but unfortunately, no fish were in the mood to be caught either.  Oh, well.  Guess we'll have to come back again soon (before snake season, of course).  

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