Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bachelorette begins...

Thanks McMommy for your opinions about the Bachalorette, which began on Monday. I, too, think Jillian is a class act and I am so happy she is the Bachelorette! This is the most creepy group of guys I have ever seen though. As if we needed 5 more creepers?!?
1. Foot fetish guy has to go! Tanner P. But I really think Jill knows theres a little something up with him since she said she is going to have to check him out a little better. And is it just me or is does he look like someone?

like, er, Matthew Lillard? or is that just me?

2. The guy that called her a sexy minx and 'Hot Tub Harris' is gone THANK GOD! But huge props go to Jillian for playing that off.

3. Finally, John H.
I really felt bad for that dude, feeling like he had lost his soul mate and all, but he was a creepy close talker. uh...excuse me...give her a little breathing room!

4. What was up with the whole conversation between Brian and Kyle? First of all, I thought Kyle was a cutie. Vintage-Bronx-metro-man with all things artsy to talk about. He was charming, and he looked like Ryan Gosling with the cute overconfident personality to boot (not to mention the fact that he could kick pretty high).
But Brian ???
Why is it that Alabama people always look like redneck idiots on television? I mean, Really? The trailers comment? Seriously? And can someone please tell me why he got a rose?? especially over Kyle??

So, here are my top 5 picks:
Jake the pilot. My hands down fave, but wonder if he seems a little too good to be true.

Kypton is great, but still need to get to know him a bit.
Michael. Just crazy about him and his break-dancing self.

Mathue. Very nice.

5. Sasha is not half bad either. I mainly like him because of his family. They were cute and I think Jillian would have fun with that crew.

And here's my prediction...
Who can tell at this point, and I always get these things wrong, but I am predicting from the previews that Jake ends up being one of the ones with a possible girlfriend or something that would break her heart. I am thinking Michael makes it into the top 2 atleast because it sounds like his voice at the end saying 'i love you'.
So, that's all I have for now, but can't wait til Monday to see how it all unfolds.

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