Monday, May 18, 2009


Note that I have a new blog/link list! The obsession with the Emergent Movement and Christian history waxes and wains with me (unlike my love affair with Jesus), but occasionally I will find a book, church, conversation, or website that rekindles my interest. In this case, I discovered this podcast on itunes. Meet Homebrewed Christianity . They feature interviews by different people influencing the Emergent Movement including Phyllis Tickle, Tony Jones, Peter Rollins, etc.
Plus Tripp and Chad are worthy entertainers and theologians themselves. Check it out.

The EmergentSpeak blog/link list will feature websites and blogs that are worth taking the time to check in on every so often. mypeople contains a few of these fellow Emergents (Blake, Greg, and Tyler...whatsup!) as well. I love the Emergent Movement. It speaks to my inner postmodern child that somehow grew strong regardless of the fact that I grew up in small town biblebelt southernBaptist world. SO funny. SO true. Anyway, Thank you GOD for the Emergent Movement and what it has meant for my soul and spirit.

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