Monday, December 1, 2008

RRRrrrrrrroollllllllll TTIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big AL's kid's club day 2008

We were privy to join the Big AL's kid's club this year, and were invited to tour the locker room and hang out on the field at Bryant Denney Stadium. I thought my husband had died and gone to heaven and the boys had a blast, especially little Judah "bear" :). I must admit, it was pretty cool touring the most intimate parts of the #1 football team in America and seeing where all the magic happens and all the disciplines are learned. This sport has been a huge part of my life since marrying Blake, so this day was a beautiful addition to our collection of memories.

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Blake said...


and why in the world didn't we stunt while on the best field in the history of the world? Other than it was cold and the boys became increasingly ill as they got tired...other than that we should have stunted. OLD MEMORIES!!!

and by the way, YOU ROCK!!!