Sunday, December 14, 2008

On the 4th Day of Christmas...

The Boy's Karate Party!!

I normally try to avoid openly doting on one of the boys, but I have to just that a bit today.

The boys are in a karate class 2 days per week and they absolutely love it. The class is one of many for the instructor as he teaches multiple classes for all age groups in three different locations through Birmingham. For competitions and other special events all of the classes taught in the Birmingham area by this particular Christian organization come together and we did so last night for a Christmas Party.

I was a little surprised that at this party they apparently give out awards to a select few. The instructor gave out a handful of awards to a church gym full of students and their parents. One of the last awards he gave out was the Christian Character Award. The award honors the student that most exemplifies Christ in and out of the class. The instructor said that in the past the award has always gone to one of the older students as their faith has matured to some degree. However, the first ever "Tiny Tiger", which is the classification of the youngest age group he teaches, to win the award is Elijah.

Elijah handled the honor as I would expect for him to. He walked up to receive the award like an adult that often gets awards. He shook the instructors hand and returned to his seat. He was given a tube of miniature Reese's Cups and he promptly shared with everyone around him...I guess proving that in fact he had "earned" the award :-).

Then it was late, so we all got a little silly!

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