Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cavalier Crazy

My Meredith James

I am absolutely in love my baby pup, Meredith, my year and a half old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I got her last year for Thanksgiving and ever since have said that this is the only breed for me! Really, I can't say enough about how wonderful she is. She is currently my only daughter. However, since before I got her, I have dreamed of breeding. I assisted my precious neighbor Mim's dog in 2 litters, and most recently was a foster parent for the sale of my grandmother's baby, Zoe's, puppies. One would think that the hard work and mess of it all would have turned me off of the idea by now, but yet I still think my own breeding and sitting business would be the sweetest job I can imagine. I just so long for everyone to experience the joy of puppy parenthood, and I love being the one to help them transition into that phase of life.
So currently I am in prayer and researching the best way to beginning breeding. Fortunately, I am good friends with a lady at the Birmingham Specialty Animal Medical Center who used to breed and has connections to very healthy Cavaliers. It will be expensive as I know good Cavaliers cost so much these days, but I truely hope to find a healthy pet quality breed mother. Unfortunately, Meredith is not breeding quality and we had to have her fixed. But we have a good friend and neighbor who has a stud, and hopefully down the road we will be able to purchase another stud as well. I will keep you posted on the outcomes, but here's hoping that spring finds us with one more addition to the Thompson tribe in the form of a cotton soft snuggle pup looking a little bit like this...

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