Friday, November 28, 2008

Read this Book

Okay, Fundamentalists, Ready for a Challenge? Read this book!
Actually, I haven't read it yet. Blake is monopolizing it right now (check out his blog for highlights), but I can't wait. This book is so exciting for me because it absolutely speaks to the resounding gong inside my spirit! The part that is prone to non-conformity and non-traditionalism, and the part that wants to know exactly what I believe to be big T truth and WHY! (The number of things on that list keep dwindling to very few.) Viola and Barna are extremely respected in fact finding circles, so I expect to learn where certain church traditions came from, such as meeting in a building, hearing a sermon by a paid clergy member,etc. etc., what the bible really says and the context. Anyone interested?
Anywho, stay tuned for more of my thoughts, but anyone who would like to join my book club and read it with me, please step up and let a sister know! Hopefully I get to start within a week of this posting.

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