Friday, November 14, 2008

The Porch Party

The annual Shadowbrook Porch Party is always so much fun for me to host. This year was no exception. Here are some scenes from the night...

This was Judah's first year to get into bobbing for apples. It's always the kids' favorite thing, but Judah was the bobber of the night. I think he ate 3 apples in a 10 minute span.

Of course, Elijah and Greer had to bob together.

It was definately princess night. Every girl was representing the royal fashions. This is Greer dressed as cinderella.

Gillian was also Conderella.

Judah working on his second apple.

Judah gets yet another apple, and Elijah snags one as well as princess Hattie Margaret and Jasmine look on.

The party rocks on, and Aleza, I mean princess Jasmine, gets in on the fun with Arni, Debra, Leymis, Rachel, Melea, and Steph watch.

bees, grandparents, and punk rockers, oh my!

The sheep and sheep farmer

The dancing, kung fu fighting, and mosh pit

And last but definately not least, the contest winners of the evening were Lucianna the Poodle leading Meredith the Princess. How funny is that?

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