Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twilight midNight

So...OPENING NIGHT (me and Steph)...We went...We saw it...We loved it...I'm going to start the series over again (just cannot get enough of those butterflies)...BUT, We do have a few movie critiques. Here goes:
1.) Carlisle was WAY too pale.
2.) The scenes were choppy. I would have loved to see a little better flow.
3.) The glittery skin scenes. Way too cheezy. No need for twinkly music and glittery skin.
4.) Jasper had a stick up his bum. Not in the book.
5.) Bella, go easy on the underbite.
6.) Edward overacting in the beginning. It was almost funny, but really shouldn't have been.
7.) Hotel room scene with Alice and Jasper were way too fast. Needed more development.
8.) The whole thing was a little too fast for me. I know it would have ended up being a 3 hour movie it they had drawn it out, but I think those of us who love Twilight would have loved every minute that much more. It would have been more emotionally in time with the book if there had been just a little more development.

Things I JUST loved:
1.) The character of Edward actually gave me a little more in the movie in some ways. I was very pleased by Rob Pattinson's cast and loved the way he brought humor to the role. He flirted like a pro (especially in the scene where Bella is washing her truck). And loved the way he put his arm around her walking through school. He was just the right height and build for the role. Perfect casting.
2.) James, Laurent, and Victoria were great casts. And they were given just the right amount of time. The ballet studio scene was magical. Great filmography.
3.) I loved the humor of the movie. I wasn't expecting it to be so funny. Charlie was great for that. His part was just right.
4.) Since the book was told from Bella's perspective it was difficult to understand why Edward loved her so much. But the movie brought Bella's identity to life. It showed the audience why everyone (especially Edward) thought she was so precious. Great acting Kristen. You brought it home.
5.) Finally, I truly appreciate the attempt at bringing all the pivotal scenes of the book to the movie. That was the most important thing, and the integrity of Stephanie Meyer's art was truly respected, even if it did leave us wanting more.
6.) One last thing, Oh my goodness, who knew Portland, Oregan was so beautiful in the rain? Why have I never been there? I'm hopping on a plane. Pray I don't run into any vampires...

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